About Us



“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.”

Cecil B. Demille



Trendeavour is a digital publication dedicated to uncover the best in fashion, creative thinking and art. The brainchild of Emesha Nagy, a fashion industry insider with over a decade of international experience, this magazine aims to provide inside information, inspiration, and insight for the curious minded. Emesha’s mission is to help creative people find solutions to professional and personal questions, whether creative, entrepreneurial, or wardrobe related. Through Trendeavour, Emesha wants to celebrate those who work hard for their success, and initiate intelligent conversation around fashion, art, and business.

Trendeavour is for the forever curious, the boundary pushers, and those striving toward the bigger picture.


Our Team

Emesha Nagy

Designer, creative director and consultant. With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, she wants to share her love for fashion, contemporary art, and thoughtful discussion on fashion and retail industries.

Lauren Blundell

After almost four unforgettable years as a Copywriter at BBH London, Lauren is now loving being her own boss. With a flair for the written word and a passion for editing, she enjoys nothing more than bringing stories to life (and a cup of tea).