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What Are You Worth? How to Set Rates as a Freelancer

If you’re on any social media group specific to your freelancing niche, you’ll undoubtedly see…

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Domonkos Pichovszky

Marketing Communication, AKA a Tool for Modernising Retail

Debates about the future of retail have long been on the agenda. The topic opens…

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Why creatives need to learn marketing by Trendeavour

Why Creatives Need to Learn Social Media Marketing

Have you ever created a great design/product, but had no idea how to get it…

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Considering Collaboration: A Competition Where Everybody Wins

Times they are a-Changin’. This year perhaps more than any in recent living history (at…

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How to Use Social Media to Gain PR Coverage

Imagine your brand being featured in a big magazine or a well-known blog with millions…

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