Seoul Street Style

Seoul, in South Korea, is absolute heaven for fashionistas. From the stylish high-end Gangnam district to the winding streets of the university-style Hongdae, Seoul offers the most amazing selection of streetwear around every turn.

Koreans have a very distinguishable style, often with a contemporary feel. Outfits often involve bold solids paired with tailored details such as sculpted ruffles. Oversized silhouettes and boxy shapes are popular – all with an ultra-clean finish. K-pop has a particular influence on style here (especially with younger trend-setters). You can see stylish combinations of staple pieces with loud images of graffiti, badge details, hoodies and Vetements-esque oversized silhouettes.

Need a little street style inspiration? Here are some looks cool enough to rival those seen on the streets of London or Paris during fashion week! Learn to accessorise from the chicest Korean girls.

Images by ©Izzy Schreiber and ©Emesha Nagy

Which of these styles was your favourite? Tell us how you’d wear it in the comment section below!

What to do while in Seoul

Wake up at the Lotte Hotel in Myengdong and meander over to Cafe Mama’s at 16 Mugyo-ro for a selection of fresh juices and (veggie) sandwiches. Check out the Pink Hotel Stylenanda shop to experience a concept store at high-street perfection, then make your way to Gyeongbokgung, the former royal palace. Walk around and check out the Gentle Monster concept store. If you fancy an authentic Korean meal try the bibimbap – if you’re vegetarian, all restaurants can make this without meat (just ask!).

Wake up at the Grand Hyatt in Itaewon, an expat community well known for its hip restaurants and bars. The Plant Cafe Seoul has a great variety of vegetarian dishes. Make sure to visit the Leeum and D Museums for culture fix. Also check out the Dongdaemon Design Plaza, an impressive building complex where the Fashion Week takes place (if you’re lucky you might find an international fashion exhibition there). For shopping, head over to Garosugil and check out the Korean brands SJYP and Low Classic, after fueling up with coffee and some cake at the Line Cafe.

Featured image by ©Izzy Schreiber

Emesha Nagy

Designer, creative director and consultant. With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, she wants to share her love for fashion, contemporary art, and thoughtful discussion on fashion and retail industries.

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